Emma’s First Haircut | Steubenville OH Photographer

This post is a personal one. I don’t put too many personal posts up but every now and then something happens that justifies being up. Today I took my daughter to get her very first haircut. This past week Emma has been asking for a haircut. Which is extremely surprising because she has been extremelyContinue reading “Emma’s First Haircut | Steubenville OH Photographer”

Malorie + Maia: Mother & Daugther | Steubenville OH Photographer

Once again, I’m a little behind on my blogging. Just a little though, I think this session is only a month old. Yikes, maybe I’m a LOT behind… Last month I was called upon by my sister-in-law to get them some updated family photos. My brother wound up having an eye doctor appointment so heContinue reading “Malorie + Maia: Mother & Daugther | Steubenville OH Photographer”