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So you had your session and you love your pictures but now you don’t know what size to order. Here’s a way to help! Now, everyone has different tastes in how BIG they want an image (I’m working on an example to show you how different sizes look hang on the wall, so please be patient with me!) but I CAN help you with choosing the right size based on your crop.

It’s easy to look at your image, fall in love and know which frame you want to hang it in. It’s also easy to overlook how your image will be cropped to fit that particular frame. That’s right. Your images look different printed at different sizes. That’s because of the crop factor. It’s can be annoying and frustrating to plan your images and to get them back and portions of why you fell in love with it are missing. It has been this way for decades. From the days of black and white and before digital images were even thought of.

I don’t have a very good way of words, so I put together an example of the same image, cropped to fit different prints. Now, please note, that these aren’t the only sizes available for printing, just some more common sizes to help demonstrate and help you decide on what sizes will be best for you.

Steubenville Photographer

Still want a little more info? Check out my blog post about print cropping. There’s lots of information on how different sizes are affected and WHY.

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