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Steubenville Photographer, Bridgette Anne Photography is more than just your average Ohio photography studio. When having your portrait session done through us, we want your experience to be unique and your images define you. The best way to do that is through a connection with your photographer. If you haven’t already, please take a look through our previous sessions via our blog. Make sure that you like what you see! If the images call to you and resemble something you want for your own. Also, go ahead and read our About page. That’ll give you some information about me as a person (not just a professional) to help you get to know your photographer before we even meet.

I’m an on-location, natural light photographer. What that means is, I shoot at a location that has been chosen between you and I, based on your wants and needs at a time of day that the natural light from the sun will be at the best for that shoot. Some people can get a little overwhelmed when picking a location but don’t hold back! I want these pictures and the experience to be personal. These are YOUR memories that we’re capturing, after all. I want them to express every ounce of who you are so we will go wherever your needs take us! We will discuss the location during the booking process. Not every location is a good location based on the time of day so it’s crucial to have this ready before arriving at a spot and it not be what we expected. I can even come to the comfort of your home for lifestyle shooting or for setting up a mini-studio for a child or newborn session.

I love to capture natural color so shooting in the early morning dawn or evening sunset are my absolute favorites. I also love natural smiles and expressions, so don’t be afraid to show your true emotions and be prepared for my out-most craziest ways to get that pure smile on your face! Being able to capture your natural smiles and expressions really make the portraits personal and show the true you. And I’m open to any of your ideas. I want them to bring out every element of your inner self. My sessions are always fun and relaxed.

The first step is booking the session. It’s best to book early. I don’t mean a year down the road (though that’s a good idea if you are wanting to book me for your wedding) but times do book up fast and there isn’t always last minute openings. We can always reschedule if an emergency comes up. We’ll discuss the location and what you’re wanting to achieve, what props will be necessary, the best times for lighting and schedules, etc. There will also be the signing of a contract. This not only protects me, but you as well. The next step is for you. Your wardrobe. You’ll want to make sure it works with the location and will compliment your personality. You will also want to be comfortable! If you feel your best in 6 inch heels than let’s rock them! But don’t try and over-do yourself. If you wear clothes that may fit too tight or too lose, or are just all around out of your comfort zone, than don’t force yourself. We want you feeling like you, at your most comfortable. Wear what makes YOU feel like a million bucks, not what the cover of Cosmo says you should. If you’re comfortable with what you’re in it will show. You’ll be more relaxed, you’ll feel better about yourself and you’re smiles will be THAT much more beautiful! If you’re having troubles, I can help with suggestions.

You can book with me either by phone, email or online. I do require a $50 retainer fee to hold your date. This fee is non-refundable if the session is cancelled but DOES roll-over if you need to reschedule. Just give me a minimum of 24 hour notice. I know emergencies happen and sometimes we can’t control the events that happen in our lives so as long as you give me a heads up we can get things changed around to fit your new needs. The retainer is also part of your balance. Example: If you want to purchase a $300 package, and you have already given me a $50 retainer, you’ll only owe $250. You can choose to pay more up front or even the total cost, but it is not mandatory to make a deposit exceeding $50. All remaining fees are due upon the time of your session and additional prints may be purchased and paid for at the time of ordering.

I’ll be in contact with you before the session to make sure we are still on and to discuss the session in general. If there is anything I should be made aware of (such as phobias, certain members of the group having to leave early, etc.) please let me know! I want to do my best to make everyone involved as comfortable as possible.

The sessions are laid back and fun, and they seem to go by quick! With group shots, we’ll get the fullest shots first and filter our way down. The kiddos are typically shot first. They lose interest quick and in order for Mom & Dad to get the best smiles and cooperation out of them, we need to get them when their attention is at it’s highest.

Before your session it’s best to plan out your attire to coordinate with your surroundings. You don’t want to wear your Sunday best if we are doing a session at the park. It can actually make an image feel uncomfortable if it doesn’t give a natural flow. Blouses and polos may be a better option if you are wanting something more clean and formal. Dress casual is always a good option for any location but casual and relaxed sessions are also great options depending on the location we will be doing our session at.

If multiple people are going to be in the photograph coordinate, don’t match. It’s easy to think we all need to wear a white striped top with blue jeans so we all match but that’s not the case. Having everything identical can make everyone seem to blend together. Wearing different outfits that coordinate can give a much more pleasing visual. Websites like Polyvore are great for helping you plan your outfit in advance as well as outfits that go along with the same color scheme that don’t mimic one another.  If you have any questions for don’t know what to wear, feel free to ask me. I’d love to help you out!

While at the session be YOU. You don’t have to have everyone look at the camera at the same time, put on fake smiles and say “cheese!”. Natural shots make such special memories and those are what we are trying to preserve! Laugh, smile, play, be yourself. We will get some nice head shots but the real moments are what make for the perfect photograph to mount above the fireplace.

The duration of the session can vary. It’s always best to make sure you can dedicate plenty of time if need be. Some sessions could be done in less than an hour, though it may take others an hour to warm up to the camera and really get the flow going. With newborns I ask that you dedicate the entire afternoon as those sessions last the longest.

After your session I go home and upload! I like to give a 2 week estimate (though, your gallery can be up before that) on the completion of your images that way I can fully devote my time to every shot, filtering out the bad and giving the best enhancements. When that is complete, I will e-mail you a private gallery of your session. You may then order straight from there or contact me with the information on what you wish to order. Once a payment has been received, it typically takes about a week, depending on holidays, for the images to arrive. Prior to ordering we will discuss if you would like to arrange for print pick up or delivery.

The ordering galleries will stay active for 48 hours. If you need the gallery re-listed there will be a fee of $25. Please schedule your session around your financial needs to make sure you can order all your favorite images! Financing is available but please acquire about this prior to booking.

If you have any further questions, check out my contact page and please ask! I’m always willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

So are you ready to have some fun? Schedule your date here and let’s get together!

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